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ProQ Amigo

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*SORRY - SOLD OUT  * The Amigo has been replaced by the new ProQ Ranger, now in stock.

Please Note: The Amigo handle design has been upgraded inline with the ProQ Frontier. If is no longer wood as shown in the image. The side handles are now metal and fold down, whilst the top handle is a heat resistant plastic.

The Amigo is an ideal introductory food smoker which is priced to be more accessible for those wishing to give food smoking a try out before committing to more involved and expensive equipment. The accessible price point belies the unit's impressive 50lb food smoking capacity and its ability to create beautifully hot smoked foods.

So why is the Amigo so much cheaper than the other ProQ models? The lower cost is due to a simplified base construction without a separate domed base. Instead the lower food compartment houses a charcoal pan on a set of lower brackets and on double brackets above, it holds both the water pan and the first grill rack. The smoker operates in exactly the same way as the rest of the ProQ range and will also still convert to a portable barbecue as required. The Amigo might not be suitable for very long smoking sessions as it is not as easy to access the charcoal pan to top it up, but for most cooking sessions a single charcoal fire will be sufficient for up to at least 4 hours.  

And now you can use your ProQ Smoker to cold smoke as well as hot smoke with the new ProQ Cold Smoke Generator. At only £34, this contraption creates smoke without the heat, ideal for cold smoking conditions.

The Amigo is constructed in steel and is completely porcelain coated. It is supplied with the two smoking compartments, two chrome plated grill racks, two metal bowls - one for charcoal, the other for water and a domed lid with air vent.

Dimensions: 91cm tall including feet x 57 external diameter (including handles)
Internal diameter 43cm

PLEASE NOTE: Self assembly of legs is required. Fittings and instructions are supplied.

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Price: £119.00

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