ProQ Frontier Hot and Cold Smoker Set
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ProQ Frontier Hot and Cold Smoker Set

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Currently out of stock. The new Frontier Elite Hot & Cold Smoker set is available at £280. For details click here. The slightly smaller Ranger Hot & Cold Smoker Set is also in stock, see more about this set which is £230 here.

FREE DELIVERY with every order. PLEASE NOTE the fish hanger is supplied already fitted. Also includes our Hot Smoked step by step guide to setting up your smoker and ongoing customer support. Hot Smoked is an Official ProQ Dealer. All our ProQ stock is the new fully porcelain coated version.

Now you can buy the complete ProQ smoker kit to enable you to both hot and cold smoke (as well as all the other outdoor cooking methods the ProQ offers) and save money! We've combined the most popular ProQ model, the Frontier, with the new ProQ Cold Smoke Generator and added hot smoking wood chips and cold smoking wood dust, so you're ready to either hot or cold smoke. Save £12 on the combined cost of these items. The set includes the new all porcelain coated ProQ Frontier which is only available from ProQ authorised UK dealers.

The ProQ Frontier is the best selling vertical food smoker in the UK with 50lbs food capacity over two levels and a wealth of features to help control temperature and smoke flow. Once you've hot smoked food in a smoker like this, you'll find barbecued food a little 2 dimensional. The water pan is this unit's secret weapon, keeping the food, which slow cooks gently over aromatic wood smoke, incredibly succulent.

For hot smoking you need to use wood chips, shavings or chunks of wood and there's is a wide range of wood smoking products available either from our own Hot Smoked range (including chestnut, Scottish heather and maple). Herbs can be added via dry rubs to your food, marinades injected into food and fresh herbs and wine or spirts added to the water pan to create a mouth watering combination of flavours. Using this process you are cooking your food for immediate consumption.

For cold smoking, all you need is the amazing ProQ Cold Smoke Generator which is filled with wood dust rather than chips so that is smoulders slowly and intensely for up to 10 hours. A minimum cold smoking session will be in the region of 6 hours and often you'll need to allow the full 10 hour burn time if not more as the cold smoking process is one whereby food is sealed and preserved by the smoke flavour. Food is not cooked but cured, it can be cooked later - eg chicken portions - or kept as a raw cured product, eg hams and other meat cuts.

Included with this money saving pack are two 500g packs of wood product, one in chip form for use in hot smoking and one in dust form for use in cold smoking. If you've any particular flavour requirements, just email us at to let us know, otherwise we will supply one hardwood and one fruitwood pack. Further wood smoking supplies and an impressive range of flavours are available in our Wood Smoking Products section.


ProQ Frontier Food Smoker/BBQ  RRP £189

ProQ Cold Smoke Generator (comes with supply of oak wood dust for single smoking session, plus tealight)  RRP £34

Hot Smoked Wood Chips 500g - Apple  RRP £4.50

Hot Smoked Wood Dust 500g - Oak   RRP £4.50


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