Bradley 6 Rack Digital Smoker
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Bradley 6 Rack Digital Smoker

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The Bradley 6 Rack Digital Smoker combines the control benefits of digital technology with the largest capacity within the Bradley range of insulated smokehouses. Measuring an impressive 106cm in height and offering space to smoke over 50lb of food (versus 33lb with the 4 Rack Digital version), the 6 food racks offer an impressive cooking surface area along with increased flexibility to accommodate large joints of meat. The digital programming gives you control over both the cabinet/oven temperature and the cooking time. There is an additional setting for the amount of 'smoke time' down to the nearest 20 minutes, which is the cycle time of a single Bradley Flavour Bisquette. The practical polished stainless steel interior is complemented by the smart stainless effect powder coated exterior. The unit will reach a maximum temperature of 160 degrees C (320 degrees F) and as with all other Bradley smokers, cold smoking temperatures of under 20 degrees C can be achieved by offsetting the smoke generator by approximately 1 to 2 metres and not heating the cabinet - a Bradley Cold Smoking Adaptor is available separately to achieve this (see below). Of all the Bradley smokers this unit offers the optimum capacity for consistent food smoking techniques and is ideal for commercial use.

The Bradley 6 Rack can both hot and cold smoke, though it needs some adaptation to cold smoke. This can either be achieved with the Bradley custom designed Cold Smoking Adaptor (£82) which uses Bradley Bisquettes, or you can create your own home-made adaptation by removing the smoke generator and channelling the smoke flavour through a length of hose ideally with an upturned curve to catch any residual heat. The smoke which then enters the cabinet is sufficiently cooled to create ideal cold smoking conditions. Alternatively you can also use the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator which works with wood dust and provides 10 hours of cold smoke without any heat (£34) in any enclosed and vented smoking cabinet.

You can increase the already capacious 6 rack smoking area by purchasing additional smoking racks and upturning these to effectively double the shelf space. This is ideal for smoking large quantities of fish, fish fillets or meat cuts. There are also finer mesh 'jerky' racks available for those smaller food items such as olives, nuts, garlic and beef jerky.

Smoke flavour is created by Bradley Flavour Bisquettes, available in 11 different flavours and a range of sizes. These can be purchased separately and at Hot Smoked we offer a range of bulk buy offers - check out our prices. We don't think you'll find a better deal.

Here's more information on the 6 Rack and its key benefits:.

COOKING SPACE: The 6 cooking racks provide an internal cooking space of 2178 cu cm or around 50lbs of food. The total internal capacity is 56250 cu cm. You can increase the cooking space by adding an additional set of 4 Bradley cooking racks and inverting these over the existing racks. In addition, Bradley jerky racks can be used in place (or in addition to) the grill racks supplied to give you a finer mesh rack for cooking smaller items such as beef jerky, shellfish, crustaceons or garlic etc.

TEMPERATURE: The unit can reach a controllable maximum temperature of 160 degrees C (or 320 degrees F) whilst the minimum temperature is subject to ambient conditions - if external temperatures are high, the unit will absorb some of this ambient heat, so care needs to be taken to site the unit away from a heat source particularly when cold smoking.

FINISHES: The front exterior has a painted brushed stainless steel look whilst the internal surfaces are in polished stainless steel which makes them easy to clean. As with the Original Bradley Smoker the cabinets are insulated.

SMOKE FLAVOUR: Bradley smoke flavour is created by loading Bradley Bisquettes into the smoke generator. These are fed one by one automatically onto a heated plate where they smoulder for 20 minutes each. There are 9 flavours available in different pack sizes including a 48 single flavour pack at £15.99. a 60 Variety 5-flavour pack at £21.99 and a 120 single flavour pack at £34.99. Hot Smoked offers a range of bulk buy offers to help you save money - see our Bradley Bisquettes options in our main Bradley section by clicking here. 

COLD SMOKING: To cold smoke in your Bradley you need to offset the smoke generating unit because this comprises the hot plate which heats the bisquettes to create the smoke flavour and this hot plate generates enough heat to take the cabinet temperature beyond the 20 degrees C temperature above which cold smoking cannot be achieved. You have a few options for cold smoking:

1. Use the Bradley Cold Smoking Adaptor (£82). This is a custom designed accessory which enables you to pipe the smoke flavour through an adjustable aluminium hose with connectors from both the smoke generator to the cabinet itself. The cold smoking adaptor also includes a steel box which protects the bisquette hot plate. For more details see the separate product entry. This adaptor allows you to use the digital presets for smoke timings.

2. Use the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator (£34). This is a fantastic invention which effectively delivers cold smoke without the heat. It is a square metal coil with mesh sides which is filled with 100g wood dust and when lit from one corner will smoulder gradually for approximately 10 hours. The generator should be placed in the base of your Bradley smoker and the top vent left partially open. This item was designed to work in any smoking compartment by the designers of the ProQ range of smokers. We have tried it in a Bradley and it really works. It has the advantage of cheaper running costs as it doesn't rely on Bradley Bisquettes which can work out a little expensive for longer cold smoking projects.

3. Make a Heath Robinson inspired home-made adaptation by removing the smoke generator and protecting it - even a cardboard box will work for this - then piping the smoke generated through a 1m piece of hose - tumbler dryer hose will do it!  Jubilee clips will create the fixings at either end of the hose.

WHERE TO POSITION YOUR SMOKER: Your Bradley Smoker is best sited in a well ventilated covered area such as a lean-to or garage. You can use it indoors in conjunction with an extractor hood, or better still by connecting an extractor pipe to the top vent. The unit does create a large amount of smoke, which will billow out when you open the door, even if you have piped the smoke from the top vent.


Capacity: 50lbs food, or 108 litres (versus 33lbs or 76 litres for the 4 Rack Digital version)

Stainless steel interior, epoxy silver powder coated exterior

For a stable positioning on any surface the unit has 4 adjustable feet (can be turned to increase or decrease the height)

The product comes with a 12 month warranty, user guide, cooking instructions, maintenance and operating manual and a recipe booklet. Any parts are supplied free within the warranty period. Parts are available from us after the warranty period at affordable prices.

Dimensions: 107cm high x 51cm wide x 46cm deep
Weight: 25kg (62.5lbs) (boxed)

Cooking Surface: 2178 sq cm
Capacity: 56,250 cu cm

Adjustable Racks: 6

Internal Heater: 500 watt element

Bisquette Heater: 125 watt element

Power: 220-240 v, 50 Hz, -2.5 Amps (CE Approved) - so all you need is a 13 amp plug

Max Temperature: Controllable to 160 deg C

Min Temperature: Subject to ambient conditions


Manufacturers 1 year warranty for domestic use, 6 months for commercial use

A wide range of spare parts are available for maintenance beyond the warranty period

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